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We like to keep all our clients as up to date as possible, with changes in legislation that will affect your property transfer.

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Fair Trading - NSW Conveyancing
If you want to buy or sell a home, land or investment property you’ll have to sign a contract. The legal work involved in preparing the sales contract, mortgage and other related documents, is called conveyancing.

Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division
The professional body representing licensed conveyancers in NSW

Why Use a Conveyancer?
If you are buying or selling property you need the services of a Licensed Conveyancer.

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First Home Purchase Benefits
The New South Wales Government currently offers the first home owner grant scheme and the first home – new home schemes designed to assist as many people as possible to purchase their first home.

Smoke Alarms – what do I need?
On 1 May 2006 the NSW Government introduced a Regulation – the Environmental Planning & Assessment Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Regulation 2006 – which requires smoke alarms for residential properties.

Home Owners Warranty Insurance
The Home Building Act 1989 generally requires that a Licensed Builder selling residential property within 6 years of completion of the residential building works, must have Home Owners Warranty Insurance at the time that they exchange contracts for the sale of the property. If the Insurance is not available at the time of exchange of contracts, then the purchaser can rescind (“cancel”) the contract any time before settlement and the seller can be fined.

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Property and Business Purchase Stamp Duty Calculator
This calculator will estimate the amount of duty you need to pay on the sale or transfer of land or a business in NSW.

First Home Plus Stamp Duty Calculator
First Home Plus scheme provides exemptions or concessions on transfer and mortgage duty for first home buyers in NSW. The First Home Plus One scheme allows first home buyers to purchase property with other parties and still receive a concession.

Mortgage Stamp Duty Calculator
This calculator will estimate the amount of duty payable on mortgages securing property in NSW.

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